About App Development Cost

Are you starting an app development project? You need an idea, product-market fit and most of all the funds to see it through to completion. This is where App Development Cost (AppDevelopmentCost.com) can help you.

Our calculator is a free tool that gives you a personalized cost estimation for your new mobile app.

Here’s how it works: Answer a few quick questions about your idea, the functionality, feature set, and performance expectations. Then you can get connected with a top development company.

Why App Development Cost Was Created

We were frustrated by the lack of available information on how much it cost to build an app. We could not find any comprehensive app cost calculators or resources. All of them were too simple and did not show what it really took to design and develop a great mobile app. 

To help solve this, we decided to take on the problem ourselves. We joined with top app developers to understand the issues of app development and to create an accurate algorithm with the best cost information. We're excited to bring this algorithm to you. It will greatly simplify your app development process. 

Export Your Report

After completing the survey, export your specs into a simplified report without the cost estimates. Then, take this app specifications document and shop it around to agencies and developers, looking for the best fit, proposal, and estimate. 

Get Connected

After completing the questionnaire, you can connect with a top app development company to review your specifications and provide an estimate on the costs and expenses to create your app.


  • App Development Cost Calculator is a free tool that offers you the option to answer a specific set of questions in order to receive a personalized app cost estimation.
  • Additionally you receive a detailed report with the cost and time of development (estimation) of every feature that you choose to incorporate in your app. App Development Cost also gives you the option to export the report and even exporting a simplified version of just an “app specifications document” that only contains the specs of your app without any estimation so you can use it to pitch your idea or even ask for a proposal in an app development company.
  • The service is completely free and we only ask for feedback so we can continuously improve our algorithm.
  • Companies, products, services, and tools mentioned in AppDevelopmentCost.com are subjective and represent the opinions and views of the editorial staff of AppDevelopmentCost.com. We look for what we think is best for most businesses and companies. These recommendations are not meant to be an exhaustive list of options, but represent a place to start in your hiring and recruiting process. AppDevelopmentCost.com is operated by Talent Sites LLC and some of our recommendations may include sites affiliated with Talent Sites LLC.