Mobile App Development Stats, Trends, and Costs

What are the most popular features when building an app and what technologies are they using? App Development Cost has research-backed statistics and trends.

Building an app for iOS had the lowest amount of interest, which reflects global trends. Apple devices have on average 25 percent of the global market, while devices that use Android operating systems have approximately 75 percent of the market.

App Data Storage Preferences

Consistently throughout the few months, most users would like to store their data via a cloud database rather than an internal solution. Services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Relational Database are leaders in cloud databases for apps.

Login Features for Apps

Every app needs a way to sign in and verify users. The most common ways are with emails and passwords, but a single sign on with other social networks can also be a convenient way to quickly sign on users in a secure format. Most users developing new apps still prefer an email user login instead of connecting and verifying with social networks.

Back-end features such as user administration are very among those pricing app development costs. User administration will help you with setting up user permissions, keeping track of new account sign-ups, monitor the number of active users on your app and check any other usage statistics. Having this information is key for knowing the quality of your app performance and the features that draw the most attention from users.

A high percentage of users are also interested in supporting multiple languages so a broad swath of users can have access.

App Design Preferences

There are many templated app designs that app developers could easily implement, but most visitors to App Development Cost want something more customized and professional. Using templates is a great way to build out your MVP and initial project vision, and to test features. But for more robust apps, consider customized and professional apps for easier maintenance and more control over your app.

Average Number of Expected App Users

What is the average number of users most app developers are expecting? Though the numbers are fairly diffuse, most are expecting 1000 to 10,000 users indicating that the apps being explored are local or niche, perhaps for a dedicated user base, small-to-medium-sized businesses, or even for inter-company use.

Familiarity with the App Development Process

Users come App Development Cost with all levels of experience, from those with only a vague app idea, to experienced developers and product managers who want to provide reliable cost estimates to their leadership teams. App Development Cost wants to customize its recommendations to users of all types.

Apps are constantly at our fingertips, and we want to provide accurate cost estimates and information to turn your app development project into a reality. We will continue to work on our questionnaire and site resources to bring you great app development cost estimates. Turn to App Development Cost as a resource when starting any new app project.