Top 15 Android App Developers

When it comes to developing an Android app, you should consider outsourcing the task. Why? Finding the right Android app development companies or the right set of Android app developers can be as challenging as the app itself.

For starters, there is a vast pool of Android app development companies and Android app developers out there that can do the job in a far more productive and inexpensive way as compared to hiring a permanent team of in-house developers.

Usually, outsourcing app development involves hiring a third party from a different country. The likes of India, North America, Vietnam, and the Philippines, among many others, make for lucrative options. In fact, according to a report from the Global Sourcing Association (GSA), 70% of businesses are looking to outsource more in the future. But that's not always the case. Many times, you can hire locally or find a native English speaker for your application development.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a list of the top 15 Android app development companies that you should consider before outsourcing your project.

Where Can You Find The Top Android App Developers?

1 Toptal

Founded in 2010 and trusted by numerous leading brands and stalwart businesses, Toptal is an online matchmaker for talent that helps organizations find the most skilled workers . From top software developers to top designers to finance experts and product managers, Toptal has you covered for all your outsourcing needs.

Toptal’s rigorous screening process ensures that all their applicants are great problem solvers and equipped to handle any and every challenge that a project might entail. According to Toptal, of the thousands of applicants, only 3 percent or fewer make the cut.

  • Top-quality developers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Full software development services


Founded in 2011, connects thousands of freelance engineers and software developers with global businesses and promising opportunities. Software engineers and app developers need to clear seven unique stages of assessment before they can be a part of’s roster of freelancers. This ensures best-in-class talent and service for Android app development services.

  • Personalized Packages
  • Pay after you start working with the developer of your choice
  • Highly qualified developers

3 Gigster

GIgster is a website that enables businesses to build tech projects on demand. Founded in 2013, the platform is designed to connect elite teams of developers, designers, and product managers with companies that are looking to expand their development teams.

Gigster is especially handy for new managers as it assigns product managers who liaise between the client and Gigster developers. This simplifies the process of communication and coordination and makes it seamless.

  • Dedicated team of Android app developers
  • Convenient project management processes

4 Hired

Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2012, Hired is an online marketplace that helps employers find some of the world’s best software developers. From pathbreaking companies to up and coming startups, Hired connects stellar developers with compelling opportunities.

Hired’s custom search algorithm software helps to search for the right candidates based on your project needs. This makes Hired a great platform to search for specialized Android developers with relevant work experience.

  • High-quality developers

  • Quick sourcing of experienced app programmers

5 Value Coders

Value Coders offers a vast pool of experienced app and software developers on an hourly or full-time basis. Founded in 2004 and based in India, Value Coders prides itself on the fact that its Android programmers have at least 3 years of experience and that they have built over 250 interactive enterprise-grade Android mobile apps for businesses of all sizes and scales.

  • Full-stack Android app development services

  • App development expertise across various verticals

  • Quick and cost-effective talent hiring

6 ArcTouch

ArcTouch specializes in app design, app development for iOS, Android, and Xamarin for smartphones while also helping businesses with blockchain development, back-end APIs, creating AR (augmented reality) experiences, and building IoT (Internet of Things) products using cutting-edge mobile app development tools

Headquartered in San Francisco, ArcTouch has created hundreds of Android mobile apps, ArcTouch is trusted by several leading brands, seasoned businesses, and cutting-edge startups across the globe.

  • Offers a variety of Android development services

  • Offers app growth and lifecycle management post-launch

  • Follows the strictest QA standards set by Google


ISBX is a Los Angeles-based web and application development company that also specializes in blockchain-based innovations, cryptocurrency, enterprise backend systems, smart devices, and IoT.

Founded in 2009 and regarded as a leading Android app development agency in LA, ISBX has helmed the development of a broad range of Android apps from small business apps to full-fledged enterprise apps for mammoth organizations.

  • Competitive prices

  • Vast industry expertise

8 Utility

Utility is a dedicated mobile product agency that offers a range of services such as UX/UI design, IOS app development, Android app development, web platform development, and game development. The New York-based development agency boasts of a passionate team of industry veterans that have worked with projects of all sizes.

  • Builds scalable applications

  • Experienced team of application developers

  • Offer budget-based solutions

  • Offers growth marketing services for successful Android launches

9 Willow Tree

Willow Tree boasts of an elite team of over 300 full-time workers specializing in mobile strategy, product design, growth marketing, web and custom app development, and emerging tech and prototyping. Known to hire some of the most talented Android developers, Willow Tree deploy intuitive customized solutions for clients on an ongoing basis.

  • Efficient development team with high QA standards
  • Experienced in Android application development across multiple verticals
  • Regarded as one of the best app development companies in the U.S.

10 OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a custom software development company that is backed by a passionate team of software engineers, tech enthusiasts, and creative designers. Founded in 2008, OpenXcell has a penchant for building high-performance Android apps.

In fact, OpenXcell has created some truly amazing Android apps for clients across the globe and are known as pioneers in the mobile development space.

  • Efficient support and Android mobile app maintenance services

  • Great app designs for mobile services

  • Build successful app strategies

11 Zymr

Silicon Valley-based Zymr is a software development company that offers a range of cloud technology services, cybersecurity services, and IOS and Android app development. Started in 2012 and with offices in different parts of the world, Zymr has worked with industry giants like Vodafone and Cisco and is known for its top-notch app development services.

  • Highly skilled Android developers

  • End-to-end Android app development services

  • Exceptional support and app maintenance services

12 Reinvently

Reinvently is a U.S.-based app development agency that builds scalable products to help businesses reinvent their go-to-market strategy. Reinvently was founded in 2010 and they passionately describe themselves as a team of innovative digital transformers.

They offer class-leading expertise in Android development among other services like backend development, IOS app development, wearable tech, and IoT and AI services.

  • Creates award-winning apps for the Android platform

  • Build perfect product-market fit apps

  • Offer end-to-end customer experience

  • Expertise in building apps for startups and seasoned businesses across various verticals

13 Cubix

Based in Florida, Cubix builds digital experiences and Android and IOS apps. Cubix also specializes in software development, gaming, augmented reality, and blockchain.

Cubix offers top quality app development services and is known for its exceptional customer service standards and trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies like canon, Walmart, Tissot, and PayPal.

In business since 2008, Cubix prides itself on being recognized by Clutch for exceptional app development and by for employing unrivaled mobile app developers.

  • Free app support and maintenance for one year

  • 24/7 helpdesk via email, skype, or call

14 Fueled

With multiple offices in the U.S., Fueled is known for its ability to transform businesses by building digital solutions. From app development services for enterprise, mobile and web to design UI/UX design to growth and digital marketing to experimenting with emerging tech, Fueled are rightfully pegged as an award-winning tech consultancy.

For their app development services, Fueled is well-recognized for its stellar work with industry giants like Verizon and Google as well as cutting-edge startups like Compass and Warby parker.

  • A unique team of expert app developers from startups

  • Obsessed with customer satisfaction

  • Award-winning app development services

15 Cabot

Named after famous Venetian explorer John Cabot, Cabot Technology Solutions is regarded in the industry as one of the best IT outsourcing companies. Cabot offers a host of development services for web applications, mobile applications, eCommerce, and IoT.

With over a decade of experience in IT, Cabot highly skilled team of developers and designers have built over 500 intuitive Android apps across a multitude of industry verticals.

  • Dedicated team for every project

  • End-to-end app development assistance and support

If you are new to the world of outsourcing your development process, there’s a good chance that you won’t know how to negotiate your way to hiring the right app developers or the perfect app development company. This is perfectly alright since talent matching platforms like Toptal and make for great go-to solutions that make outsourcing a rather seamless activity.

While the Android app development companies mentioned in this article are highly capable of taking up projects and building trustworthy custom Android apps, how do you zero in and go with one? Well, fret not. We have you covered.

There are a set of common parameters that you should use to gauge and better understand which company you should outsource your Android app development project to. These parameters include:

1. Reviewing the type of work done by the company. Does it match the kind of project you wish to develop?

2. Evaluating the quality of work done. Has the company won any awards or accolades in app development?

3. Experience of the team. When was the company founded and how much experience do the developers have in building Android apps?

4. Reading reviews. Are there any negative reviews from previous customers?

5. Setting your budgets and timelines. Does the company offer services that meet your budget and timeline criteria?

6. Use App Development Cost to estimate the cost of your app development.

This list of Android companies coupled with the estimation parameters mentioned above will surely help you find the perfect Android developers for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several factors determine cost, including the complexity or your app, your timeframe, and the experience of the Android app developers. But expect to spend at least $25,000 for a quality Android app.
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