Top 15 App Development Services in 2024

Finding the right app developers and app development services can be a challenging task. Read through our list of top app development services.

Today, the world revolves around various apps. There’s an app for everything from booking a restaurant table to ordering food to book flight tickets to buying cat food.

It’s safe to say that apps are here to stay. So, if you are looking to build an app for your business or product, you will need to start by hiring the right app development services.. There are thousands of talented app developers and companies that offer efficient app development services.

Finding the right app development services can be a challenging task.

Check out our list of the top 15 companies that offer app development services.

1 Toptal

Toptal is a leading online talent matchmaking platform that boasts some of the most talented and experienced providers of app development services in the industry. Founded in 2010, Toptal is trusted by most notable brands and stalwart businesses. Whether you’re looking to build a complex web app or an Android app or an iOS app or a hybrid, cross-platform app, Toptal’s app developers will be able to help you out.

Toptal’s stringent talent screening process ensures that only 3 percent of all applicants make it to the roster. Toptal’s reputation as a leading talent solution is seconded by its developers’ capabilities to solve problems efficiently and deliver quality solutions.


Founded in 2011, is lauded for its talented app developers, freelance software engineers, and tech specialists. connects app developers of different skillsets and qualifications with leading global companies and relevant projects.’s roster boasts app developers who have passed seven unique stages of assessment and are ready to deliver you agile development and create all the needed functionality for your app. This rigorous screening process ensures that all of’s developers are capable enough to solve any and every technical challenge that your project may bring about.

Additionally, offers companies bespoke hiring options and packages along with a safety guarantee to pay after working with the developer of your choice.

3 Gigster

California-based Gigster is a website that enables companies to build apps and software seamlessly. Gigster’s app developers provide companies with efficient and professional app development services to help them scale innovation by creating custom software and apps.

Founded in 2013, Gigster offers flexible staffing solutions to enhance your team with the right resources at the right time to meet your app development priorities and build a great user experience for your app. Additionally, Gigster helps companies to hire app developers quickly to accelerate the app development process.

4 Hired

Hired is a great platform to hire app development services. As a dedicated developer job board, Hired helps companies and employers hire talented developers to meet their app development needs.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Hired helps companies find app development services for all platforms, including iOS (for Apple products), Android, Windows, web, and more. Hired claims to save an average of 45 hours of sourcing tech talent with its custom search algorithm. Hired is trusted by companies like Thomson Reuters, ThoughtWorks, Udacity, and more.

5 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a leading professional social network platform that doubles as a promising platform for hiring app development services. Whether you’re looking for Android developers, iOS developers, hybrid developers, or developers with different experience levels, LinkedIn serves as an effective developer hiring platform.

With LinkedIn, you get access to the platform’s massive database of app developers from across the world and with various skill sets. Recruiters trust LinkedIn’s messaging ecosystem, easy-to-use search filters, and recommendations features to hire talented app developers.

6 Value Coders

India-based Value Coders is an offshore talent company that offers a suite of tech development services, including app development. Founded in 2004, Value Coders boasts of high experience levels when building apps across various platforms.

Additionally, Value Coders also offers companies various essential services like app migration, app maintenance, app management, and more. The capable app development services at Value Coders code are using the latest, high-end technologies and languages such as React Native, Flutter, iOS, Android, Kotlin, etc. With Value Coders, you will be able to build yourself secure, stable, and scalable applications.

7 Dice

Dice is one of the best job boards for employers looking to hire app development services. Trusted by technical recruiters, Dice connects companies with a unique, diverse, and qualified pool of app developers and other tech talent. With nearly 92 percent of Dice’s developers actively looking for meaningful work, finding the right app developers is relatively easy.

Dice does the heavy lifting of screening and vetting of talent and also offers employers the opportunity to share their brand with candidates while also scheduling targeted campaigns to attract the right candidates. Additionally, Dice’s TalentSearch function enables companies to hire candidates faster and more efficiently.

8 X-Team

X-Team’s high-performing app developers have been trusted since 2006 by leading global brands like Fox, Sony, Intel, Twitter, etc. Companies can rely on X-Team’s motivated and highly talented app developers to work on full-time, long-term projects. X-Team helps to expand your team on-demand, or scale down as needed.

Apart from easy team scalability, X-Team offers a dedicated account manager and scalable contracts with simple monthly billing. X-Team’s developers push themselves forward professionally and bring that same forward-moving energy to the teams they work for, meaning you don’t have to hand-hold them as they are proactive developers who look to add value from day one.

9 Utility

New-York-based Utility is famous for creating award-winning mobile experiences. Driven by strategy, design, and technology, Utility is a dedicated app and mobile product agency known for building intelligent solutions. Utility is a great platform developing iOS and Android mobile apps. Utility is lauded for creating apps for scale and security.

The app development agency boasts of a passionate team of app developers who are experienced across various skillsets and project sizes. Utility is spearheaded by digital leaders from companies like Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson.

10 Upwork

Upwork is an enormous freelance platform with over 12 million freelancers on its roster. Upwork offers businesses the chance to connect with talented app developers from across the globe. Founded in 2015, Upwork is trusted by over 5 million companies such as Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Airbnb, to name a few.

Upwork helps companies hire developers for nearly every platform including iOS, Android, Cross-Platform apps, Hybrid apps, AI/AR/IoT apps, Blockchain apps, and more. Upwork is a great place to find quality app developers to build your app.

11 OpenXcell

Founded in 2008, OpenXcell is an offshore team of developers that boasts of decades of relevant experience in building custom mobile apps spanning various industries from retail to healthcare and energy. OpenXcell’s proactive team deep dives into your business ecosystem, explores your niche market, and understands your requirements.

With OpenXcell, you can build a custom app development and go-to-market strategy to unlock the full potential of your company’s app. OpenXcell’s offshore team also offers ancillary app development services like wireframing and even prototyping the MVP. OpenXcell has built several amazing mobile apps for clients across the globe and is regarded as a pioneer in the mobile development space.

12 Reinvently

US-based Reinvently is a class-leading app development agency famous for building scalable digital products and apps. From startups to mid-sized enterprises, Reinvently helps them all to plan, design, and implement app strategies for optimum results.

Founded in 2010, Reinvently is especially lauded for creating award-winning Android mobile apps. Reinvently describe themselves as a team of innovative digital transformers. Furthermore, Reinvently stretches its expertise from Android and iOS app development to other app services like backend development, wearable tech, and IoT and AI software.

13 Fiverr

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Fiverr is a leading digital freelance marketplace that connects millions of businesses with millions of freelancers efficiently. Fiverr’s roster of freelancers are spread across hundreds of categories. Although the talent sourcing and screening process is the recruiter’s responsibility, Fiverr offers companies a vast global pool of highly talented app developers.

Whether you’re looking for a highly experienced developer or a mid-level, more affordable talent, Fiverr is a great place to hire app developers. Fiverr’s satisfaction guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and activity tracking make it a trusted platform.

14 Guru

Regarded as one of the best, most secure, and cost-effective freelance talent-hiring platforms globally, Guru is designed to make it easy for companies and freelancers to connect and collaborate. Guru claims a 99 percent satisfaction rate and is home to hundreds of thousands of app developers and other programming and development experts.

Along with 24/7 customer support, Guru also offers various flexible hiring options and payment terms to make hiring developers and freelance talents easy and more convenient for businesses.

15 Arc

Formerly known as Codementor X, Arc is a great place to hire highly qualified and talented app developers. Arc’s rigorous screening process, known as ‘Silicon-Valley Calibre Vetting,’ ensures that only 1.1 percent of all candidates pass the technical & behavioral assessments.

Arc offers a risk-free trial period to ensure that the app development services you hire meets your unique needs and requirements. Numerous businesses trust arc’s global talent pool from across the globe. Additionally, Arc’s team will help you find other developers free of charge during the first three months if you are dissatisfied with the one you initially hired.

Every app developer hiring board mentioned above boasts of competent developers and IT experts. While platforms like Toptal are trusted talent matchmaking websites for hiring app development services and other tech talents, it’s important to understand what parameters to consider before choosing the right platform to hire app development services for your company.

Here are a few common parameters to keep in mind before choosing the right app development job board platform:

1. Reputation: Read reviews to check previous customers’ feedback and comments.

2. Experience: Check the skill set of the developers and the experience of the job board to manage and deliver an app project like yours.

3. Quality: Check which brands and businesses have worked with the job board before.

4. Talent: Check if the developers have won any awards or accolades.

5. Estimates: Do a thorough study to ensure that the cost of the job board meets your estimated costs.