Top 10 Sites For Remote Freelance Mobile Developer Jobs

If you’re looking for remote mobile developer jobs, then our list of 10 freelance marketplaces are a great place to start your search. Read it now.

Remote work is all the hype today and for a good reason. This article highlights the benefits of being a remote mobile developer and the various platforms where you could find remote freelance mobile developer jobs. It doesn’t matter if you are based in New York or Mumbai.

What is to be a remote mobile developers

If you have the skills and the talent, then becoming a remote mobile developer can be the way to go. Businesses today need a strong mobile presence. With people relying on their smartphones more than the desktop, the need for high-functioning and high-quality mobiles apps is higher than ever.

Being a remote mobile developer gives you the option to work from the comfort of your couch. Or you could become a digital nomad and travel the world while you work on great projects. A lot of this depends on your credibility, talent, skills, portfolio, personal brand, and to a great extent, your references. The stronger your references, the more opportunities they open up for you.

Another way you could find success in being a remote mobile developer is to register yourself on all the top freelance marketplaces and platforms because that’s where companies are going to find their next hire. If you can present yourself there and put up a good personal brand, the chances of you landing great clients and becoming successful increase significantly.

Typical projects for remote mobile developers

There are various projects that you can take on as a remote mobile developer depending on your expertise, your niche, and your interests. For example, here are some ideas of typical projects for remote mobile developers.

  • Portfolio Website - You’ll need knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS to build this. Create a few and highlight them as your projects in your portfolio.
  • Personal Blog - Blogging is huge and if you can create a beautiful-looking blog that’s user-friendly, then that could be something to highlight.
  • Utility Web Apps or Mobile Apps - These would be apps that people would like to use. These could be as simple as a calculator and as complicated as a gaming app or an eCommerce app.

Why should you consider choosing the freelance or remote option

There are various reasons why you could consider choosing to be a freelance or remote mobile developer such as:

  • It gives the flexibility to choose your working hours
  • It gives you the option to travel the world as you work
  • It gives opportunities to work on different projects
  • It gives you the option to pick up different contract jobs
  • It gives you the chance to build your network and connect with people across the world and different industries

Job responsibilities of freelance mobile software developer

Here are some job responsibilities of a freelance mobile developer:

  • Support the development of the entire application including concept, design, test, and support) following the agile methodology.
  • Create highly functional mobile applications by writing clean code
  • Suggest unit and UI tests to identify any errors
  • Regularly troubleshoot and debug to improve performance
  • Design front end interfaces to enhance user experience
  • Make sure the new and legacy applications meet set quality standards
  • Stay up-to-date with new technology trends and programming languages such as react native, objective-c, swift, kotlin and flutter.
  • Collaborate with designers, product managers, engineering managers and a development team

Requirements of freelance mobile developer

Here are some requirements of a freelance mobile developer:

  • A strong portfolio as a Mobile application developer
  • Thorough knowledge of at least one programming language such as Swift and Java
  • Professional experience operating third-party libraries and APIs
  • Excellent analytical skills with a good problem-solving attitude
  • Ability to perform in a remote environment
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Depending on the job type, ability to work on ios mobile, android mobile, or hybrid mobile applications environments

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Average salary of a remote mobile developer

In the United States, mobile app developers can earn approximately $107,000 annually, with iOS developers and Android developers earning slightly more. On average, freelance mobile app developers usually charge around $61-80/hr, and the number varies depending on years of experience, location, job description, and the requirements of the project.

Top 10 sites to find Remote mobile developer jobs

Here are the top 10 sites to find remote mobile developer jobs.

1 Toptal

Toptal is one of the world’s top marketplaces where businesses go to hire remote mobile developers, programmers, coders, software engineers, and freelance consultants. From some of the biggest brands to start-ups, businesses across the spectrum choose Toptal to hire freelance mobile developers who are experts in some of the top programming languages such as javascript, node.js, and more. With Toptal, you’ll have the guarantee of working with some of the best businesses in the industry.

2 Guru

Guru’s objective is to connect freelance developers and employers both locally and globally. If you’re looking for remote jobs in a specific state or city, you have the option to find region-specific jobs.

The platform allows you to highlight your expertise and level of experience. Your developer profile has all this information businesses need to make a choice. Guru’s dashboard and multiple payment options make the whole process of working remotely easy.

3 Gigster

Gigster is another great tech-focused marketplace that connects remote mobile developers and programmers to companies. To be listed on Gigster, you’ll have to have some sort of experience in software development, so that you’re not new to the processes of mobile development.

Some of the developers listed on the website are startup founders and most of them have degrees from some of the top academic institutions such as MIT and Stanford. If you fit their criteria, then you can find some great projects to work on.

4 Fiverr

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, the platform gets its name from its core idea—every gig starts at $5. However, that’s not the case anymore. Over the past few years, Fiverr has grown as a platform and today it allows you to work with businesses across the world.

The platform will highlight your rating and reviews along with your rates and other information making it easy for you to put your best foot forward to find good clients.

5 Upwork

Upwork has been around for decades and it’s one of the biggest freelance marketplaces where you could find remote mobile developer jobs. The platform attracts businesses and remote programmers for both short-term and long-term projects.

It is one of the best platforms for you to get listed as a remote mobile developer and offer your services. Top brands such as Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Airbnb hire professionals from Upwork for their projects. Being present on this platform makes it easier for you to work with all these top brands.

6 PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour uses an advanced artificial intelligence system that helps businesses find the right candidate. Therefore, to show up here, your profile needs to be really strong with all the right keywords and information.

You also have the option to respond to postings done by businesses with your proposals. If the company likes it, they can hire you to work on the project. The platform also has the feature called “Offers” which is a pre-set bundle determined by you.

7 Topcoder

Topcoder is a global, crowdsourcing platform that’s perfect for finding remote developer jobs. The platform was initially a community for coders with its core focus on creating and experimenting with algorithms. However, in the past few years, Topcoder has transformed into a global technology community with developers working with top brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Harvard Medical School, and more.


Headquartered in Australia, is one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces to find remote mobile developer jobs. Whether your expertise lies in javascript, redux, angular, API, HTML, or a simple iOS and Android mobile app, you’ll find the project that excites you on this platform. You can confidently rely on to find your perfect fit--be it a full-time or part-time remote mobile developer job.

9 Hired

Hired works on a similar model as most other freelance marketplaces except it offers a few more layers of tests to ensure you’re the best fit for the platform and the kind of projects it attracts.

The platform then uses its special algorithm to shortlist the best remote mobile developers for a job. So, the way to get selected here is to build a really strong profile with all the information clearly laid out. The process of finding a great job here can take some time but if you stick to it, you can land a good gig.

10 X-Team

X-Team is another great platform to find remote mobile developer jobs. The platform vets all the applicants that apply to ensure that they’re qualified enough to handle big requests. So, you’ll have to spend some time building your profile and getting it approved on the platform. X-Team also supports its developers by funding their learning and growth and offers them a remote work environment that helps them put their best foot forward.

Remote work is the present and future of work. If you’ve got the skills and the experience, you can build a strong remote career as a mobile developer. There are various factors that you can keep in mind when looking for a platform to find jobs:

  • Do they have strong customer support?
  • Do they have a portfolio of strong brands?
  • Do you have good chances of finding quality gigs there?